Fiber Optic Communications

October 31, 2021 , Fiber optic communications


Today there are two prominent technologies used in telecommunication Industry, optical and digital communications. Optical communications is a form of communication system using light, whereas digital systems are based on information transmitted in bits and bytes, which are carrying no information, rather they are just data in binary format. There has been gradual increase in the demand for fiber optic systems both for optical and digital form of communication systems and the telecommunication industries have also developed various techniques and tools for communication systems using these technologies. The Fiber Optic Communications technician certification trains people who are interested in the field of fiber optic communications and after completion of the certification program they can work as optoelectronics engineers.

Fiber Optic Telecommunications: Fiber Optic Telecommunications is a very important field in which high-speed fiber optic cables are used for transfer of analog and digital signals for various purposes such as computer networking, telephone communications, television broadcasting, personal computer storage and transfer of information within large organizations. There is an immense demand for optical fibers both in consumer and industrial markets because of their advanced manufacturing capabilities, cost effectiveness and long distance transmission capability. There are many fiber optic manufacturers such as Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, ShoreTel, Ethridge, Sun Microsystems and NEC. These fiber optic manufacturers possess state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that are capable of manufacturing fiber optics with high optical fiber lengths and superior optical and electrical specifications. They have fiber optic data cabling and networking components that are flexible, robust, durable and reliable which meet the requirements of different manufacturing applications.

Fiber Optic Communication is a developing industry and new techniques and equipment upgrades are developed continuously for increasing communication capacity. The present market demands fiber optic solutions for data communications and laser manufacturing, voice and data communications, computer network applications, networking optics and telecommunications. Various companies offer fiber optic manufacturing services to meet customer demands for fiber optic products and manufacturing capabilities. Some of the companies manufacturing fiber optic products are Tektronix, SeneGence, Winstek and Hewlett Packard.